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Malaysia Political Podium

An Independent Political Platform For All Malaysian

Mission Of The Website:

  • To promote fairness, political neutrality and freedom of speech communication platform.
  • To promote political consciousness, and the use of internet to gain political information from the leaders directly.
  • To promote the understanding of all race, and to respect the culture, of all faith.
  • To establish a colorful Malaysia, from the differences of all races and cultures.

Purpose of The Website:

The Speeches from the Leaders
  • To collect all Malaysias Political leaders comments and articles.
  • To let Malaysians fully understand the vision, mission and the philosophy, directly from all political leaders of Malaysia.
Voice of People
  • To collect the views, speeches and articles from ordinary people, political commentators, and the medias of the public.
  • To establish the unity of people to supervise the people political platform.
  • To create a neutral platform, by the people and for the people.
  • To establish a channel that can give feedback to the leaders, and together, building a progressive and prosperous Malaysia.

Source of Comments and Articles:

  • All comments and articles are collected from the original authors and publishers. All comments and articles are published without any amendment.
  • We do not make any alteration or editing on the original content.

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"Speech of Leaders, Voice of People"
This Malaysia Political Podium is a public service in nature, and non profit for now.
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